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Guryev semolina porridge, with heavy cream, milk skin and vanilla


Amazing day, oh, it is already night… But ok, this morning was great, my first try of mastering a really old recipe- recipe from  year 1851! I have to say, people in Russian Empire knew how to eat really well. Yes, the recipes I found are hard to read because they are written on old-russian language, most of the times there is no info about weight and some other points are missing, as well as cooking in a stove was a bit difficult I think:)

You know, that might be strange, but here in Russia we are losing our history. Maybe because of current culture, maybe because of Russian past, I mean USSR, but we forgot almost everything about our cuisine. Russian cuisine is not only about borsh and vodka, there are so many amazing dishes, but they are forgotten. All people know pizza, sushi, different american and mexican fastfood, and does not know anything about russian cuisine, about food of their native country. What should we do? I think we just have to keep going and telling everyone about our native dishes, and telling not only russian people but everyone who visits this blog. I love cooking and I love it for having no borders and having no restrictions, so let it be like this- I want to share our food with you, yes, with you, the one who is reading those words right now, and I want you to feel the warmth of russian hospitality through our food, feel the friendship and love.

And that would be great to start with amazing semolina porridge-  Guryev semolina porridge, with heavy cream, milk skin and vanilla. Actually, I got hard times looking for a “milk skin” translation. I hope I am right but will try to clarify. When you heat up the milk, and you do not boil it, just heat, the tender structure start appearing on a milk, that is milk skin, that is what my dictionary told me.

That porridge was the favorite dish of Russian emperor Alexander III (1845-1894).

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