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Milk Crepes with lemon zest and sugar


Today is the day when I at last made a 90 degree shooting stand and I am so happy with that! Now it is possible to shoot anything from above and be sure that the photo would be focused and well done. But that is not the main event today, those crepes is the main event today. Again from the 19th century book, amazing russin milk crepes with lemon zest and sugar. The recipe is a bit strange because there is no sugar in the batter itself but you have to eat crepes powdered with sugar and that is strange even for me as I have eaten so many different crepes in my life.

You know, crepes are really a native Russian food. I think most of foreign people would tell me that they know about “Blini” (Crepes) but never tried one. But the recipe for crepes is easier than any recipe for american pancakes, honestly. You should give it a try, you will not be dissapointed.


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Vegan pancakes with banana sorbet and berries


Work, home, move to another apartments, wedding preparations, all in one in one moment, and a cat running around. But I really like everything that is happening now. The Lent is over and we are now continue eating as usual with a focus on whole eating, but, honestly, we need some time to get used to our new home. We now spent more time going to work as well, so sometimes I am too lazy to cook. And that is not good, of course! Here is a thought of a day- make your schedule and abide it! Make sure you spend your time on work, with family and some time with your hobby. That is difficult, but that is the beginning.

But one thing never changes (No, I am not talking about Fallout games series:) – breakfast. Breakfast, morning, pancakes. I am learning how to use cast iron frying pan and it is unique experience, actually, a bit difficult, but the results are nice. But we will talk about cast iron later one. Now we will talk about pancakes. Even the Lent is over, I still prefer to make vegan pancakes sometimes, just because you don’t really need eggs and cow milk to make magnificent pancakes!

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