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Chocolate vegan banana bread


Oh, I am really happy to write again here. So much time without photos and food cooking. Ofc I cooked a lot but the summer was so busy and so great that we got too much other things to do. I left my job, got married, we visited Morocco and Sahara desert, got a trip around Russia, lived in a countryside for a month, learned so many things together with Daria! And even I spent really not much time making photos, but I tried to learn new and check new masterclasses as well as food blogger pro. As I said, we spend some time, a month or even more at the countryside where Daria mother lives all the time and we learned lots of things in terms of growing vegetables, berries, making procurings for winter, and so on. We made tons of canned berries jams like black currants, rasperries, gooseberries jams as well as some amazing salted cucambers and tomatoes, mmm… We even tried making salted canned watermelon! That was an amazing experience. I also created some new photo backgrounds and I really like them and you may check a new one on the photos below.

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Vegan pancakes with banana sorbet and berries


Work, home, move to another apartments, wedding preparations, all in one in one moment, and a cat running around. But I really like everything that is happening now. The Lent is over and we are now continue eating as usual with a focus on whole eating, but, honestly, we need some time to get used to our new home. We now spent more time going to work as well, so sometimes I am too lazy to cook. And that is not good, of course! Here is a thought of a day- make your schedule and abide it! Make sure you spend your time on work, with family and some time with your hobby. That is difficult, but that is the beginning.

But one thing never changes (No, I am not talking about Fallout games series:) – breakfast. Breakfast, morning, pancakes. I am learning how to use cast iron frying pan and it is unique experience, actually, a bit difficult, but the results are nice. But we will talk about cast iron later one. Now we will talk about pancakes. Even the Lent is over, I still prefer to make vegan pancakes sometimes, just because you don’t really need eggs and cow milk to make magnificent pancakes!

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Lentil potato vegan burger


Oh, that burger rocks. I can’t even describe all the feeling that we got from cooking and eating that veggie burger with lentil potato patty. You know, that is the situation, when you know that there is a  McDonalds and the burgers in it are tasty, or had been really tasty for you some years ago, and now you are just recreating the burger from your childhood, but doing so with an idea of healthy eating, whole eating and in that case- vegan eating. Bearing in mind the thing that all ingredients should be right, healthy and whole, the burger resulted in a magnificent lunch. And even I was lazy and have not prepared a burger bun (but I will correct that in a next burger), the result was great. I may say only one thing- once I prepared that burger, we eat it for next 3 days and could not get enough.

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Chocolate- peanut butter banana cake


Third recipe, and you know, starting blog is not a fast thing for me because of many reasons, actually: work, things to do, tiredness, but that chocolate- peanut butter banana cake is ready to put anyone in good heart! This is just a stockpot of vitamins, healthy ingredients and amazing taste. This cake is solid, rich, I may say- for real man, there is almost no lightness, it has only one task- to feed a man and to do it nicely and for a long time.


I really love that cake and made it for several times, and I also used it for making layers for vegan layer cake with fruit compote, jam and coconut frosting.

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Banana pumpkin bread


Please check this out- banana pumpkin bread, or cake? There is a question here, as I am writing blog on two languages, it is a great way to practice in English. As far as I know, such cakes are called bread in English, but why? Why not cake or pie? I think the reason is just because in Russia you may call it pie or cake and most of people will understand. But anyway, this bread, or cake, is just great, and that is it. I spent lots of time not doing pumpkin bread just because I was afraid of pumpkin, yep, that was just a strange product for me personally, but then I decided that I have to start trying it, so I will just start from baking and deserts, why not?


Banana pumpkin bread. EE food- clean eating, vegan and vegeterian. чистая еда, веган и вегетарианские рецепты.

This is the second post in the blog, but I can’t say the same about photos. I am now struggling with photos for 6 month. and I made a way from phone camera to average SLR camera, from shaking hands and stands made from books to normal tripod, from strange cloth background to painted wood. But there is still long way to go. And even now, when I start to like to photos, when I start to get likes from different people on Instagram, I fully understand that I could not rest, I just need to work harder, just because I know so little about food photography. So those photos are made just some days ago and are really latest ones.


Banana pumpkin bread. EE food- clean eating, vegan and vegeterian. чистая еда, веган и вегетарианские рецепты.

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Overnight oats #1


So, hello? Good morning (eat your overnight oats!), evening, day to you. Oh, I’d better say thank you. Thank you for visiting my blog, blog about food, about changing ourselves, changing the food we eat, about not eating junk, and about all other things. This all is a great new experience, and I am happy with it and with this stars. Cooking is just a great hobby which makes me and Daria happy everyday, and I become much happier when I see people eat my food, this encourages a lot. I really want o cook more and more. So today is the daym first ever post in the blog, first step to this new sphere. Lots of things to study, lots of things to know and understand. So what now- move forward!

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