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Lentil potato vegan burger


Oh, that burger rocks. I can’t even describe all the feeling that we got from cooking and eating that veggie burger with lentil potato patty. You know, that is the situation, when you know that there is a  McDonalds and the burgers in it are tasty, or had been really tasty for you some years ago, and now you are just recreating the burger from your childhood, but doing so with an idea of healthy eating, whole eating and in that case- vegan eating. Bearing in mind the thing that all ingredients should be right, healthy and whole, the burger resulted in a magnificent lunch. And even I was lazy and have not prepared a burger bun (but I will correct that in a next burger), the result was great. I may say only one thing- once I prepared that burger, we eat it for next 3 days and could not get enough.

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