About us

фото 1 (14)Hello and welcome to our EE food blog! Nice to meet you. We are Pavel and Daria, a couple from Moscow, Russia. We love to cook, eat and dance.

Pavel is a full time IT specialist in one of the PC games companies with a passion of cooking and trying everything new in terms of food, loves to feed people and cook for his beloved Daria.

Daria is a highly professional tailor, main begetter and tester of all Pavel’s food, helping him everytime and everywhere.

We are happy to have you here on our blog and hope that you will like photos, recipes and all other kind of stuff we got there.

We are just starting the blog and that is our first such experience and more- the blog is 2 languages blog- Russian and English. We are both native russians so you will get used to phrases like “Here is Russia”, as we will post russian and slavic recipes as well as some stories about our country and the food that is common for us.

We are now changing our way of life and way of food, trying not to eat bad food, just going for whole food, vegan or vegeterian dishes. That is an interesting and difficult task and we just want to share that experience with you, so maybe someone will find it helpful. The blog had been just started so we are now working hard on it!