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“Patience”- tea crackers


Actualy I can’t understand why those sweet crackers are called “patience”:) This is an old recipe from russian culinary book from 1866 year. When I read those old recipe books I simply can’t stop and may continue reading till the night, and while reading, cooking and trying new old recipes, I am starting to understand what that blog should become in future. First when I started I wanted that blog to have recipes that were made general, vegan and vegeterian way, next, I just tried to copy and change something in recipe and post it in blog and I thought that someone might like it. All that time I kept learning how to use my camera and how to shoot. The only thing that did not change was a multilanguage side of my blog, I still want to write in english and russian. So, I remember the day when I got my first pre-revolutionary recipe book from 1851 and started reading it and BAM!- that was it, that is the theme of a blog. I am just reallymad about reading, knowing more, trying and experimenting with all those old russian recipes that most of people just do not know a thing. It is a clear thing that there are dishes from diferent cuisines in those books as well but there are to s of russian recipes and things that people eat in 19th century and for most cases those recipes are really interesting. I have already written about the thing that here in Russian we all know about sushi and pizza but we do not remember anything about our old cuisine just because that this information had been cut from the life of several generations and that is sad. While knowing more and more about old ways of cooking I start to understand that those recipes are not difficult and some of them are still live now . Just look at Guriev porridge, so little ingredients but the result is amazing. And there are so many such recipes that sometimes I just can’t choose the best:) But today please check the new recipe- crackers for tea or wine named “patience”.


Do you like drinking tea like we in Russia do? It is ok to have tea on breakfast and drink it in the evening when the family gather together. It is commo to have a cake or cookies as well as honey, fruits and anything you want on the table, the main idea is just to be together and have a tea together. It is common to drink tea with sugar, lemon and mint, but some people add milk.

The one thing I feel all the time while reading those old books is love, love of a chef to his work and food. Imagine- all those books do not have any pictures in it- just text, most of recipes do not have exact amounts or weights for needed ingredients but they got the soul and love in them, just looking at how a chef describes the ingredients or ways of cooking, even the smallest details- all those things drive me to one thought: love your work, if you love cooking and make things with love the result would be the best.



-4 egg whites

-220 gr powdered sugar

-100 gr all purpose flour

-vanillaor vanilla extract

-1 t sp ground cinnamon


1. Whist the egg whites till the foam appears

2. Add 200 gr of powdered sugar and mix well

3. Add flour and 20 gr of powdered sugar, mix well but do not overmix

4. Set oven to 180C/355F and prepare the baking tray with baking paper on it

5. Using a spoon or confectionary bag place the batter on a paper, just form the long lines and live enough space between.

6. Now place the crackers into the oven and you will have to wait 12-15 minutes, you may open the oven starting from the 10 minutes and check if they are done for you. The top and botom should be crispy and the middle should be soft. They are great just after making when they are soft inside but they are also great when they are dried a bit.

additionaly: you may mix ground cinnamon with some sugar and water and spread the mixture on the crackers at 10th minute and place back to oven.

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