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Milk Crepes with lemon zest and sugar


Today is the day when I at last made a 90 degree shooting stand and I am so happy with that! Now it is possible to shoot anything from above and be sure that the photo would be focused and well done. But that is not the main event today, those crepes is the main event today. Again from the 19th century book, amazing russin milk crepes with lemon zest and sugar. The recipe is a bit strange because there is no sugar in the batter itself but you have to eat crepes powdered with sugar and that is strange even for me as I have eaten so many different crepes in my life.

You know, crepes are really a native Russian food. I think most of foreign people would tell me that they know about “Blini” (Crepes) but never tried one. But the recipe for crepes is easier than any recipe for american pancakes, honestly. You should give it a try, you will not be dissapointed.


I really like pancakes, vegan and wholefood, and any other, but crepes are the thing we live with. Let’s see, it is possible to make sweet crepes and eat them with milk, tea and different jams and berries. That is possible to make bland crepes and eath them with different stuffing- meat, fish, caviar, etc. Yes, as far as I know, for foreign people it is a really strange thing to eat crepes with someting like meat or ground beef, but I am sure- you just have to try once and you will like it.


But today we are talking about sweet crepes. If you have your favorite cast iron pancakes skillet or pan- use it! I am a total fan of my pan. it is just so amazing that I will never want anything else.


The crepes in Russia is a family dish, it is common for us, when we visit Daria’s parents, to gather all together, make a huge pot of batter and make a giant tower of crepes on 4 different pans at one time. After it, we just eat them all and that is it:) Btw, if you like sweet crepes, just add a few table spoons of sugar into the batter.



  • 5 eggs
  • Milk- 1 liter
  • All purpose flour
  • Salt
  • Lemon zest


  1. Break 5 eggs, add them to the bowl and whisk, add 1 liter of milk and start adding flour. You need to get a thin sour cream texture, not like water, but close to buttermilk, maybe a bit thicker.
  2. Next add salt and limon zest.
  3. Next bake on the pan, for around 1.5 minutes on each side. Make them as big, as round, as thin as possible.
  4. After making all the crepes, fold them into triangles, bake in the small amount of butter, powder with sugar and place on the table.

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