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Fast vegan breakfast, Russian style oatmeal porridge


So, that will be a really short post just with one picture. I got a new photo background as well as new fabrics so I just wanted to use them as soon as possible. And as to recipe, there is nothing difficult, there is more a story behind this rather than just a recipe.

Porridges… That thing is so common to russian people, I just can’t find needed words to explain this. Imagine this- if you live in Russia, you eat porridge almost everyday starting from early childhood, and you know so many different kinds of porridges that you may solely write a cookbook dedicated only to porridge. Just listen: buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal, semolina, corn, einkorn, and there are different way of cooking those porridges as well! For example, it is common to eat buckwheat (and as far as I know, Russia is one of several countries where people are used to buckwheat, it is not popular in Europe or USA at all, if I am wrong, just correct me) with milk and sugar as porridge or eat it as a garnish to meat patties:)

I wanted to say that for long time. Here is Russia we got lots of proverbs about porridge: ” Too much butter won’t spoil the porridge”, ” The porridge is good, but my plate is so small”, “You can’t fed a Russian man without porridge”, “Shi (Russian soup) and porridge- this is our food”. It is of course difficult to translate proverbs but it is easy to understand that porridge is really important for us and is connected with our history (and fairytales!)

All in all, I just wanted to start posting small recipes of common recipes that could be created in 10-15 minutes and would be tasty and healthy. This is the first recipe- oatmeal porridge with bananas, chocolate and homemade raspberry and apple canned jams (and yes, I remember that I will have to tell you more about those canned jams- I honestly don’e know how should I name them).


  • Oatmeal (just take as much as you want for needed amount of persons, please use a non-fast cooking, we need oatmeal that cooks for 15-20 minutes as it keeps all needed minerals and vitamins)
  • Coconut milk (or any other sub-milk or water)
  • Bananas, chocolate
  • Raspberry jam, apple jam or puree


  1. The instructions are simple as walking my elefant in a garden (and it is actually very simple)
  2. Prepare oatmeal, mix oatmeal with milk, bring it to the boil, then set the fire on low and leave for 15-20 minutes mixing from time to time, you may add a bit of vegetable oil
  3. Place oatmeal on a plate, add bananas, chocolate and jams and enjoy!

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    I’ve never heard of so many types of porridge! Love the look of the thick porridge in the photo as well, seriously the best way. Yum!

    Kathryn |

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