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Lentil potato vegan burger


Oh, that burger rocks. I can’t even describe all the feeling that we got from cooking and eating that veggie burger with lentil potato patty. You know, that is the situation, when you know that there is a  McDonalds and the burgers in it are tasty, or had been really tasty for you some years ago, and now you are just recreating the burger from your childhood, but doing so with an idea of healthy eating, whole eating and in that case- vegan eating. Bearing in mind the thing that all ingredients should be right, healthy and whole, the burger resulted in a magnificent lunch. And even I was lazy and have not prepared a burger bun (but I will correct that in a next burger), the result was great. I may say only one thing- once I prepared that burger, we eat it for next 3 days and could not get enough.


The secret of a good burger is patty just because it creates a taste for the whole burger. I just don’t know if I may name it patty, I am too used to meat burgers. In that burger the patty consists of lentil, sweet potato, potato, carrot and other ingredients and I will tell you details in the recipe. The burger is totally vegan and I simply love it and I want to suggest trying that dish even for non-vegan people, just because you will not think about meat when you try it.


About the photo: that was great new experience with a new background! Actually, that “new background” is just an old baking pan with a shine black surface. That was, of course, my error, I think I should never user shine surfaces, because it mirrors everything opposite of it. But we got Lightroom and Photoshop, so I made some tweaks, and that is nice, I also need to work with post production programs. I am really happy with those photos- they tell the story, that is the thing I read about for so many times. Seeing them from time to time, I experience the same feeling as on those days when I created that burger, I feel the same morning when I packed mine and Daria’s lunches for work, with love and happiness in my heart.


The story of a patty is nice as well. I first tried to make a vegan lasagna and that was a total disaster. We tried eating it but that was really bad, so I decided to try and save it from death in a bin. I tool all ingredients: potato, sweet potato, carrots, onion, garlic and put them in a blender, next added cooked lentil, breadcrumbs, rice leftovers and a bit of flour together with spices. After that it was really easy to work with that mass, I formed needed patties and fried them a bit. So, the disaster resulted in a great patty variant and I was happy!


Strange things going on! (No, hopefully not like in the TV series with the same name), now is 21st of September and the recipe dissapeared from that page. Thanks Foodgawker for mentioning this.


  • Vegan burger bun
  • Tomato, cucumber, pickles, salad
  • Homemade mayo and ketchup
  • For a pattie
    • Potatoe and sweet potatoe
    • Carrot
    • Onion
    • Lentil of different types
    • Garlic
    • Red and yellow curry paste
    • Breadcrumbs with any seasonings you want or like
    • All- purpose flour (I am not telling you the ingredients amounts just because you may take them in any proportions you want)


  1. The most important thing in a burger is pattie- so let’s start with it. Cook (boil) potatoe, sweet potatoe, carrot and lentil. Next fry onion and garlic a bit and add everything to the blender, add seasonings, next add curry paste and mix everything till you got a nice puree. Start adding flour to the puree and check when it is possible to form nice patties, use 1 tb spoon for a pattie, roll in breadcrumbs and fry on a pan.
  2. Mix homemade mayo with pickles and start constructing your burger. I am sure that you will be able to create it by your own:) The main thing here was a pattie, and you got it! Enjoy that ideal burger!

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