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Berlin cookies


And here is another recipe right from 1866- interesting and really tasty berlin cookies, and the recipe is really fast one bowl recipe. When I started cooking usind old recipes I understod that I have to lower the weights proportionally just because all such recipes from such books were dedicated to chefs who worked in a big house or restaraunt and made dishes for lots of people. So, as example, I lowered the weights in 6 and I still received 8 normal sized cookies. It also helps me as I could make an error or the recipe could be incorrect and I won’t lose much ingredients.


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Crackers/ cookies, Dessert

“Patience”- tea crackers


Actualy I can’t understand why those sweet crackers are called “patience”:) This is an old recipe from russian culinary book from 1866 year. When I read those old recipe books I simply can’t stop and may continue reading till the night, and while reading, cooking and trying new old recipes, I am starting to understand what that blog should become in future. First when I started I wanted that blog to have recipes that were made general, vegan and vegeterian way, next, I just tried to copy and change something in recipe and post it in blog and I thought that someone might like it. All that time I kept learning how to use my camera and how to shoot. The only thing that did not change was a multilanguage side of my blog, I still want to write in english and russian. So, I remember the day when I got my first pre-revolutionary recipe book from 1851 and started reading it and BAM!- that was it, that is the theme of a blog. I am just reallymad about reading, knowing more, trying and experimenting with all those old russian recipes that most of people just do not know a thing. It is a clear thing that there are dishes from diferent cuisines in those books as well but there are to s of russian recipes and things that people eat in 19th century and for most cases those recipes are really interesting. I have already written about the thing that here in Russian we all know about sushi and pizza but we do not remember anything about our old cuisine just because that this information had been cut from the life of several generations and that is sad. While knowing more and more about old ways of cooking I start to understand that those recipes are not difficult and some of them are still live now . Just look at Guriev porridge, so little ingredients but the result is amazing. And there are so many such recipes that sometimes I just can’t choose the best:) But today please check the new recipe- crackers for tea or wine named “patience”.


Do you like drinking tea like we in Russia do? It is ok to have tea on breakfast and drink it in the evening when the family gather together. It is commo to have a cake or cookies as well as honey, fruits and anything you want on the table, the main idea is just to be together and have a tea together. It is common to drink tea with sugar, lemon and mint, but some people add milk.

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Breakfast, Old recipes, Блины

Milk Crepes with lemon zest and sugar


Today is the day when I at last made a 90 degree shooting stand and I am so happy with that! Now it is possible to shoot anything from above and be sure that the photo would be focused and well done. But that is not the main event today, those crepes is the main event today. Again from the 19th century book, amazing russin milk crepes with lemon zest and sugar. The recipe is a bit strange because there is no sugar in the batter itself but you have to eat crepes powdered with sugar and that is strange even for me as I have eaten so many different crepes in my life.

You know, crepes are really a native Russian food. I think most of foreign people would tell me that they know about “Blini” (Crepes) but never tried one. But the recipe for crepes is easier than any recipe for american pancakes, honestly. You should give it a try, you will not be dissapointed.


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Breakfast, Каши, Манка

Guryev semolina porridge, with heavy cream, milk skin and vanilla


Amazing day, oh, it is already night… But ok, this morning was great, my first try of mastering a really old recipe- recipe from  year 1851! I have to say, people in Russian Empire knew how to eat really well. Yes, the recipes I found are hard to read because they are written on old-russian language, most of the times there is no info about weight and some other points are missing, as well as cooking in a stove was a bit difficult I think:)

You know, that might be strange, but here in Russia we are losing our history. Maybe because of current culture, maybe because of Russian past, I mean USSR, but we forgot almost everything about our cuisine. Russian cuisine is not only about borsh and vodka, there are so many amazing dishes, but they are forgotten. All people know pizza, sushi, different american and mexican fastfood, and does not know anything about russian cuisine, about food of their native country. What should we do? I think we just have to keep going and telling everyone about our native dishes, and telling not only russian people but everyone who visits this blog. I love cooking and I love it for having no borders and having no restrictions, so let it be like this- I want to share our food with you, yes, with you, the one who is reading those words right now, and I want you to feel the warmth of russian hospitality through our food, feel the friendship and love.

And that would be great to start with amazing semolina porridge-  Guryev semolina porridge, with heavy cream, milk skin and vanilla. Actually, I got hard times looking for a “milk skin” translation. I hope I am right but will try to clarify. When you heat up the milk, and you do not boil it, just heat, the tender structure start appearing on a milk, that is milk skin, that is what my dictionary told me.

That porridge was the favorite dish of Russian emperor Alexander III (1845-1894).

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Breakfast, Oatmeal

Fast vegan breakfast, Russian style oatmeal porridge


So, that will be a really short post just with one picture. I got a new photo background as well as new fabrics so I just wanted to use them as soon as possible. And as to recipe, there is nothing difficult, there is more a story behind this rather than just a recipe.

Porridges… That thing is so common to russian people, I just can’t find needed words to explain this. Imagine this- if you live in Russia, you eat porridge almost everyday starting from early childhood, and you know so many different kinds of porridges that you may solely write a cookbook dedicated only to porridge. Just listen: buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal, semolina, corn, einkorn, and there are different way of cooking those porridges as well! For example, it is common to eat buckwheat (and as far as I know, Russia is one of several countries where people are used to buckwheat, it is not popular in Europe or USA at all, if I am wrong, just correct me) with milk and sugar as porridge or eat it as a garnish to meat patties:)

I wanted to say that for long time. Here is Russia we got lots of proverbs about porridge: ” Too much butter won’t spoil the porridge”, ” The porridge is good, but my plate is so small”, “You can’t fed a Russian man without porridge”, “Shi (Russian soup) and porridge- this is our food”. It is of course difficult to translate proverbs but it is easy to understand that porridge is really important for us and is connected with our history (and fairytales!)

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Chocolate vegan banana bread


Oh, I am really happy to write again here. So much time without photos and food cooking. Ofc I cooked a lot but the summer was so busy and so great that we got too much other things to do. I left my job, got married, we visited Morocco and Sahara desert, got a trip around Russia, lived in a countryside for a month, learned so many things together with Daria! And even I spent really not much time making photos, but I tried to learn new and check new masterclasses as well as food blogger pro. As I said, we spend some time, a month or even more at the countryside where Daria mother lives all the time and we learned lots of things in terms of growing vegetables, berries, making procurings for winter, and so on. We made tons of canned berries jams like black currants, rasperries, gooseberries jams as well as some amazing salted cucambers and tomatoes, mmm… We even tried making salted canned watermelon! That was an amazing experience. I also created some new photo backgrounds and I really like them and you may check a new one on the photos below.

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Dessert, Diet, Whole food, Маффины

Super big chocolate muffins


Mmm, those soft muffins, super chocolate muffins, rich and spongy…

Honestly, I tried 10 different approaches on starting that topic, but the result is the same- that strange phrase, but those are the right feelings that I have now about those muffins. Our move to the new apartments is complete, all clothes are on places now, there is a big window on a balcony with great light for photography, our cat got used to the new place and is now acting like a queen. Having all that happening, I could continue shooting and learning and cooking. So bring it on! More good food incoming!

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Breakfast, Diet, Not assigned, Vegan, Блины

Vegan pancakes with banana sorbet and berries


Work, home, move to another apartments, wedding preparations, all in one in one moment, and a cat running around. But I really like everything that is happening now. The Lent is over and we are now continue eating as usual with a focus on whole eating, but, honestly, we need some time to get used to our new home. We now spent more time going to work as well, so sometimes I am too lazy to cook. And that is not good, of course! Here is a thought of a day- make your schedule and abide it! Make sure you spend your time on work, with family and some time with your hobby. That is difficult, but that is the beginning.

But one thing never changes (No, I am not talking about Fallout games series:) – breakfast. Breakfast, morning, pancakes. I am learning how to use cast iron frying pan and it is unique experience, actually, a bit difficult, but the results are nice. But we will talk about cast iron later one. Now we will talk about pancakes. Even the Lent is over, I still prefer to make vegan pancakes sometimes, just because you don’t really need eggs and cow milk to make magnificent pancakes!

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Lentil potato vegan burger


Oh, that burger rocks. I can’t even describe all the feeling that we got from cooking and eating that veggie burger with lentil potato patty. You know, that is the situation, when you know that there is a  McDonalds and the burgers in it are tasty, or had been really tasty for you some years ago, and now you are just recreating the burger from your childhood, but doing so with an idea of healthy eating, whole eating and in that case- vegan eating. Bearing in mind the thing that all ingredients should be right, healthy and whole, the burger resulted in a magnificent lunch. And even I was lazy and have not prepared a burger bun (but I will correct that in a next burger), the result was great. I may say only one thing- once I prepared that burger, we eat it for next 3 days and could not get enough.

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